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Student and Parent / Guardian Guide

Homework Assistance Program (HAP)

About HAP

HAP (Homework Assistance Program) is a program sponsored by Holy Disciples Catholic Church and dedicated to helping students at grade levels K-12 succeed in school.  All are welcome at Holy Disciples; you need not be a member of Holy Disciples nor share the Catholic faith to participate in any way in HAP.  We do expect all who participate in the program to respect Holy Disciples as a faith based community and not undermine the goals and mission of the community.

Safety and respecting the privacy of participants in HAP is important to Holy Disciples and HAP.  The Archdiocese of Seattle requires that anyone (excluding minors) working with minors or vulnerable adults in parish programs such as HAP must be certified by completing a short training program and passing a criminal background check.


You can expect information shared with a tutor will remain private and confidential.  You can expect to be treated in a respectful manner and you are expected to be respectful to all present at tutoring sessions.

 Negative behavior in word, action or manner toward anyone on Holy Disciples Campus will not be tolerated.

Appropriate dress is mandatory for all.  Appropriate dress is considered to be that which would be appropriate for a classroom at local schools.


Be sure to bring a copy of the assignment you are working on or a piece of work graded by your instructor to give your tutor a sense of what help you might need. Try to identify specific problems for which you need help.

Bring your books, paper, calculators, pencil and anything else you might need during the session.

Leave all distractions at home i.e. electronic games, ear buds and music machines.  A cell phone may be brought for emergency use or arranging transportation, but should be set on vibrate.

Pay attention to the tutor.

Food and drink should be limited to water in a closed container or food as needed for emergency or medical conditions.

Please be sure to sign in and sign out of each tutoring session you attend.  As a safety precaution, if you are in grades K-8, whoever picks you up when you leave the session must come into the session and sign you out.  Information from HAP's Check In Check Out Form is used only to evaluate the program and help in program planning. 

Any personal property, e. g.  a computer or calculator, brought to a session is to be used only for studying the subject at hand and is brought at your own risk. Holy Disciples or HAP will not be responsible for any damage that might occur to the equipment.


Parents/Guardians must complete a HAP Registration Form before tutoring begins.  The forms are available at the sessions, or better yet, download the form by clicking on the link above and print it out. Then fill in the blanks and bring it with you to the first session. 

The information you provide on the HAP Registration Form concerning yourself and your student is used as follows.  Foremost, should an emergency occur at a HAP session that requires your attention, the information will be used to contact you.  HAP will also use the information to keep you informed (most likely by email) about the program, e. g. schedule changes, etc.  HAP believes that it is important to have users evaluate the program; therefore, your contact information may be used to ask for your evaluation of the program. This information will be kept until the last day of October in the school year following the school year of your registration unless you specify that we should do otherwise.

HAP session procedures and policies
Parents/Guardians are welcome at tutoring sessions.  You are welcome to confer with the tutor about your child, sit in on your child's tutoring session or simply wait at the site for you child to complete his or her session.
Hap strives to make the sessions effective, to make efficient use of the time of students and volunteers and to insure that the students are safe from the time they arrival until they leave the site.  Because students who finish their work and are unable to leave sometimes cause distractions for others at the session the following policies apply.

1. A student may remain at the site after receiving help only if he or she will be engaged in additional schoolwork that might require additional help.

2. Parents/Guardians should pick up their student after he or she is finished or at the end of the session which ever comes first. 

3. Parents/Guardians of students in grades K - 2 must remain at the session as long as the K - 2 student is at the session.

4. If your 3 – 12 grade student does not have a means of contacting you when his or her session is completed, you must indicate, at the time of sign in, when you will return for you student.

5. HAP is concerned for the safety of younger students, when they leave the session without being accompanied by a parent or guardian. Therefore, a parent/guardian or anyone who picks up a student who is in grades 3 - 8 must come into the session and sign out the student.

6. Under no circumstances will HAP volunteers transport students to or from the site unless the volunteer is a parent/guardian of the students.

Each student receives a HAP Packet when he/she registers.  The HAP Packet should be brought to each HAP session a student attends.   The HAP packet will contain the student’s registration form, a copy of this HAP Guide for Students & Parents/Guardians, a schedule of HAP sessions for the season and a Tutor Record.  On the Tutor Record, tutors may describe the work covered during the session, comment on the student’s progress or make suggestions for the student.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to read these records and respond in the space provided on the Tutor Record as they feel appropriate; you may also want to share the information with the student’s teacher.  

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