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Fundraising at Holy Disciples


                                                                                                       June 18, 2018
Within the last 5 years, the Holy Disciples Catholic Church has participated in several significant fundraising events, including the Capital Campaign, as well as numerous smaller fundraising activities, for ministries within Holy Disciples and organizations outside of Holy Disciples. The fact that we still have debt to pay off for our Mortgage means that we will need to have another debt reduction campaign in the near future. In addition, we are facing growth from nearby development that will necessitate consideration of the needs of the community and facilities. Our fellow parishioners have been overtaxed with requests to a multitude of different ministries and organizations. Therefore, it is the decision of the Holy Disciple Discipleship Council, along with the Pastor and Parish Staff, that a policy be put in place for any fundraising activities at Holy Disciples.

Prioritizing Fundraising Activities:

Fundraising activities will be prioritized based on mandated fundraisers and fundraisers that have the most benefit to the community. The following is the priority guidelines for how fundraisers will be considered.

  1. Stewardship  - Support for the operating budget for the Parish
  2. Mandated Fundraising
  3. Debt Reduction/Capital Campaign
  4. Ministries within the Church
  5. Associated Organizations

Furthermore, no raffle tickets shall be sold at any fundraiser or Parish social event.


The Parish Staff and the Pastor will present the current fundraising activities which are mandated or have been approved on a calendar for the Discipleship Council to review. This calendar will be updated and shared with the Discipleship Council when proposals for fundraising activities are presented for consideration at council meetings. For ministries within the church and associated organizations, a Fundraising Request Form will be completed and filled out by the group and submitted to the Discipleship Council. Forms can be submitted by dropping it off or mailing it to the parish office or attaching it to an email to 

Forms will need to be completely filled out and received at least 60 days before the event in order to be considered. If the Discipleship Council will not be meeting that month or has a change in dates that does not leave enough time to consider the event, three (3) of the Discipleship Council members will be contacted to consider the proposal and give advice about whether the proposal should be approved. Once the proposal has been received by the Discipleship Council, it will be reviewed at the next council meeting, which meets on the second Thursday of each month. The council will discuss the details of the proposal, refer to the priority guidelines and the calendar, and consider the potential benefit to the Holy Disciples’ community. The council will advise the Pastor and Parish Staff of their recommendation for approval of the proposal. The Chairperson of the Parish Council will notify the group/organization who is making the proposal of their decision within 5 days of the Discipleship Council meeting. If approved, the parish staff will put the fundraiser on the master calendar and will determine if the event needs to be placed in the bulletin, announcements, or website.

The fundraising policy, approved fundraising request forms, and fundraising calendar will be kept up to date by the Discipleship Council to be periodically reviewed for any changes in the policy or priorities.

Click here to access a "Fill-able" Fundraising Request Form



Fundraising Request

Click here to access a "Fill-able" Fundraising Request Form

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