Update Paper on Status of Holy Disciples Master Plan, including Phase 1 Parking Lot as of 3/18/22

Master Plan

   • Reviewed by Parish (video and on-site at office). Mostly favorable and constructive comments back. 

   • Needs formal signature from Pastor and Chairs of Discipleship, Finance, and Facilities Councils. 

   • Need to appoint Building Council to oversee implementation of Master Plan and conduct required annual reviews. 

Phase 1 Parking Lot. 

   • Bid proposal sent out in mid-Jan to 14 contractors. 

   • Received only 1 bid: Over half million more than we anticipated, based on our 2021 estimate. ($1.3m vs. 0.97m) plus contingency fees and tax and permits. 

    a. Bid included some items not requested. 

    b. Construction costs have unexpectedly inflated approx. 8.5% since estimate completed (early 2021). 

    c. Includes $140K in contingency costs due to unsettled construction costs industry wide. 

    d. Landscaping cost $67K


• Contacted all those companies’ proposal was sent to and asked why they did not bid. 

Feedback suggests that most companies did not wish to take on General Contractor role and/or design work. 

• Note that a civil works design company, teamed with the bidder. We assumed other local companies would have done the same.


Options for steps forward: 

a. Meeting with Archdiocese Engineer and ABHL (civil engineering company), who prepared cost estimate in 2021. 

    Discuss way-ahead and possibility of ABHL designing project for us. 

    ABHL is well acquainted with Holy Disciples from original construction project and other Archdiocese projects.


b. Negotiate with bidder to remove items we do not need and bring costs down to a level we can afford. 

    Means possibility of deferring some portions of the project,

    such as lighting ($136.5K), curbing, landscaping($67.5K) and seal coating ($36K)

    (possible examples only, and subject to County Permit requirements).



c. Using fully designed plans (separate cost) resend out proposals to construction companies for bid. 

Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed!