Stewardship of Time, Talent, and Treasure

A Steward is someone who manages and takes care of property that belongs to someone else. Catholic Stewardship is based on this notion. All creation, including ourselves, has been entrusted to us by the one who created it – God. God remains the rightful owner, we are only stewards.

We understand that all that we have and all that we are is a gift from God – our time, our talent, our money and even the gift of life itself. We show our gratitude for these gifts by returning a portion of them back to God.

Stewardship is not a way for the Church to raise money — it is a way for you to attain holiness. Stewardship is about transformation. It is a call to conversion and spiritual renewal.

Stewardship is not about your generosity – it is about your response to God’s generosity.

It is an expression of our desire to make God’s priorities our priorities. It is an invitation to place God first in our lives.

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