Kindergarten - Fifth Grade and Sacramental Prep Classes



K-5 and Sacramental Prep 4th - 6th grade Faith Formation classes: 

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Registration for Faith Formation and Youth Group is OPEN!  If you do not have internet access you can register by completing a registration form, available at the Welcome Desk or parish office, and returning it with a check to secure your class placement.

Faith Formation began on Sunday, Sept 17

Grades K-5                9:15—10:15AM    12:00—1:00PM

                                                                                  Sac Prep 4-6       9:15—10:15AM

Middle School Youth Group      6:30PM—8:00PM             Started WEDNESDAY, Sept 13

                                                       Sr High Youth Group              5:30PM—7:30PM          Started SUNDAY Sept 17 (includes dinner)



Faith Formation Check-In Procedures

The Faith Formation Check-In Station will be in the church vestibule.  We ask the children who are sick remain at home.  At the end of each class, parents will sign out their children at the door outside the classroom.  If your child was absent the week prior, parents will also initial the Absence Tracking Sheet.  ***Good attendance is defined as missing no more than 5 classes.***

Annual Safe Environment Program (SEP) Classes for Youth

The job of ensuring children’s safety is a challenging undertaking.  The prevention of child sexual abuse requires more than adult awareness, education, and training about the nature and scope of the problem. We must also give our children the tools they need to overcome the advances of someone who intends to do them harm. The Teaching Safety—Circle of Grace program is a vehicle that our parish can give children and young people the tools they need to protect themselves. Parishes in the Archdiocese are required to give the Teaching Safety lesson once each year. This year the class will be taught on the following dates:

Sunday, Nov 5 K-5 Senior High

Wednesday, Nov 8 Middle School

Parents: If you do not want your child to attend this lesson, please send an email to Rita at (K-5) or Amanda at (Youth Group). Letters regarding this lesson will be given to children at the next class.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.


Sacramental Preparation Classes

For information about our Baptism Preparation Classes click here

For information about our First Communion Program click here

For information about Confirmation or Teen RCIA, please email Amanda Woyak at

Volunteer with Faith Formation!

Volunteering to work with children is said to be one of the best ways to have an important role in fulfilling God’s plan for humanity. Children, after all, are nearest and dearest to the heart of Jesus! We need catechists and classroom aides, people who work directly with the children and people who work behind the scenes, volunteers with experience and those willing to learn. In short, we need you.

To find out more about how you can help, contact Traci at 253-875-6630 or

Please also see the Safe Environment Program policy pertaining to volunteers.