Homework Assistance Program (HAP)

(Homework Assistance Program has been suspended until future notice)

HAP (Homework Assistance Program) is a program sponsored by Holy Disciples Catholic Church and dedicated to helping students at grade levels K-12 succeed in school. All are welcome at Holy Disciples; you need not be a member of Holy Disciples nor share the Catholic faith to participate in any way in HAP. We do expect all who participate in the program to respect Holy Disciples as a faith based community and not undermine the goals and mission of the community.

Safety and respecting the privacy of participants in HAP is important to Holy Disciples and HAP. The Archdiocese of Seattle requires that anyone (excluding minors) working with minors or vulnerable adults in parish programs such as HAP must be certified by completing a short training program and passing a criminal background check.

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Contact: Susan Furey-Soper


How, When, and Where to Use HAP

Tutoring is available at the times and places shown below on a drop in basis. Before tutoring can begin, a parent or guardian must complete a HAP Registration Form. The information on the form is used as a source of contact information if an emergency occurs while a student is at a HAP session, to inform HAP users of information concerning the program and to ask HAP users to evaluate the program. The form will become part of the Student's HAP Packet which must be brought to each HAP session. The packet will also contain reports written by each tutor who works with the student. This report provides information for parents/guardians and subsequent tutors about what has occurred at tutoring sessions. The registration form is available at HAP sessions or can be downloaded and filled out before coming to your first HAP session. Also read HAP Student and Parent/Guardian Guide below before your first HAP session. 

Tutoring will occur at the following times and places:

Mondays 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm - Classroom 4, entrance faces 187th St E.

Wednesdays 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm - Classroom 4, entrance faces 187th St E.

The classroom is in the large building on the Holy Disciples Parish site.

Remember to bring to each session materials pertinent to the help you seek, e. g. textbooks, paper, pencil, calculator, assignments, work returned by your teacher, etc. and your Student's HAP Packet.

Student and Parent/Guardian Guide

HAP Volunteer Guide