Senior High (9th - 12th grade)

Regular Meeting Time: 

Sundays (In person)

5:30 - 7:30 PM

Summer Bible Study & Games

To register for 2021-2022 click here

Calendar: 2021-2022

If your student is registered for Youth Group for 2021-2022, or your student was registered for last year, you will receive a link to our virtual bible study on Zoom, beginning Sunday, July 18th at 6:30. If you have not yet registered your student but would like for them to participate, please email Amanda for more information!

The Senior High Youth Group is invited to come and volunteer at L'Arche Farms on Sunday, August 22nd from 12:00 - 3:00PM. To reserve a spot in the group, please click here.

Message from Amanda: 

"I am so proud of the students for making the best of Youth Group on Zoom this year! Every single one of them stepped up and found ways to continue pursuing Christ. We shared many laughs, a few vulnerable and honest moments, and got to know each other and create a community in a time when having community was essential. My heart is full and blessed by the year we had, and I anxiously await the day when we get to pursue Christ in person. I am praying for the health and safety of our community as we move forward, that we may indeed have Youth Group in person for the year of 2021-2022. I could not have asked for a better group of high schoolers to take on virtual Youth Group! They rocked it! I cannot wait to see them in the Fall, if not this summer!"

Youth Minister:

Amanda Woyak

Phone: 253-875-6630


Volunteer with Senior High Youth Group

We are always grateful for extra help either in the midst of Youth Group or behind the scenes. There are two basic qualifications: a volunteer needs to be age 21 or over and have completed the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Training. (Link to safe environment training)

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please email Amanda

Once our regular meetings and activities resume, we will need volunteers to help with the following activities:

Youth Team (Assist with weekly gatherings.)

Shopper (Gather/ purchase needed items for events; food, crafts, etc.)

Retreat or Rally Team (Assist on an all-day or overnight event.)

Snack Coordinator (Serve snacks and clean up at Youth Event.)

Assist with Community Service Projects.

Driver (Assist with transportation to/from events. Must have proof of insurance.)

Chaperone for special events (Retreat, Movie Night, Service Work, Field Trips, etc.)

Other (music, audio/video technicians, etc.)


Confirmation is such a special sacrament in the Catholic faith. Why? This is when the teens and young adults in our community can make the decision to choose the faith to be theirs for the rest of their lives. 

In order to enroll in the Confirmation program, the student needs to first have a minimum of one year in Faith Formation / Youth Group prior to the start of the Confirmation classes. In their second year of Faith Formation / Youth Group, you may inquire about the eligibility of your student for Confirmation. This is a separate meeting from Youth Group, and the expectation is that the student will be attending both meetings as they continue to grow their faith. 

Click here for more information on our Confirmation program for teens. 

Note: Youth Group at the Senior High (High School) level is a four year program... this means that should your student be present for more than two years, they are not repeating a year, they are merely continuing on in the program. Confirmation is a separate two-year program where Youth Group is the prerequisite. Students hoping to enroll in the Confirmation classes need to be mindful of this commitment the year before they hope to enroll, as they need to have 80% attendance at Youth Group and that they should be actively participating. 

If you are out of high school and you are interested in being confirmed as an adult, please review the pdf link above to find the next steps for you, or visit the Adult section under the Education tab at the top of your screen. 

After reviewing the pdf with more information about Confirmation, if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to:

Amanda Woyak


Youth Outreach Service Immersion Trips

Each summer we welcome youth entering grades 9th-12th to join us on an immersion trip to engage with our brothers and sisters who are living on the margins in our own backyard. For more information contact Amanda at